Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Day Ponderings

We are having some very cold and icy weather here in Texas.  Schools and Chief Blessing’s work have been closed since Tuesday.  They will be closed tomorrow.  I have a little bit of cabin fever, but honestly – it’s cold out there!  I used to live somewhere where it was really cold, but I have officially lived in Texas too long to like the cold anymore.  I don’t like ice either.  I know, I know – drive slowly – it’s not that bad.  I don’t care!  I don’t want to drive on it!  And since  I don’t have to be anywhere, we will enjoy staying in our pajamas, baking and playing.  Not much sewing because the kiddos have wanted a lot of attention.  And I’ve been trying to keep them occupied so Chief Blessing could do some work from home.  That all being said, the unexpected down time has led me to a lot of pondering, wool gathering, whatever you want to call it….

Some of the thoughts that have popped into my head:

  • ·         Why does the top of our dishwasher fill up before the bottom?  Does yours? Or does your bottom part fill up first?  Do you run it before it’s completely full? Or just go ahead and run it?
  • ·         Why do babies/kids only cough at night?  Brother Blessing has had a cough for almost a week, but after the first couple of days, he’s been fine during the day.  Then at 3am he has a coughing spell.  This wakes us up and makes it hard to go to sleep again.
  • ·         Why if we have a fully stocked pantry do we want/crave things we don’t have the ingredients for?
  • ·         Why is it when you have a lot to get done babies decide they have to be held and you are the only one that they want to hold them?  Even if someone else they normally love to hold them is available?
  • ·         How can three people and a baby make such a big mess in such a short time?
So I know a lot of you have been cooped up too?  How are you combating cabin fever?  Anyone have any strange ponderings they would like to share with the peanut gallery?


  1. We are so ready to get out of this house. I actually bundled everyone up and we walked to Tom Thumb today. We got a free cookie then came home. The girls are zonked out so it worked. I still am not over the cabin fever. I'm sick of my house. ha! And yes, the kids cough only at night. the top of my dishwasher is almost full already and we just emptied it this morning. I am still doing laundry and I keep wondering, "What laundry? we didn't do anything this week?" Makes me want to try uniforms.

    I did have a ball with the girls today and felt like that is what life is all about. looks like you did too.

  2. I hear you about laundry. It's a never ending Mt. Washmore here. And little kids' socks tend to vanish into thin air.

    We've had a blast in the snow so far. I'm guessing Sister Blessing will want to go for round two later. We're baking cookies right now.