Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, yeah .... I have a blog...

I apologize for the lack of posting lately.  Brother Blessing only seems to know one speed of crawling and that is top speed.  His favorite destinations are generally ones that I would prefer he avoid.  I have dubbed him the King of the Power Nap.  His fear that he will miss something causes him to take numerous, very short cat naps.  Then he is back to full speed ahead.  He also seems to be going through a mommy stage where I either have to be completely out of his sight, holding him or sitting right next to him while he is playing.  If these desires are not met, I often must endure screaming that makes me wonder what the neighbors think is going on in our house...But then he gives me the biggest grin and a sweet kiss, and my heart melts....

And of course Sister Blessing needs her share of the attention as well.  She wants to either be read to or read to me all the time.  Since I'm a bookaholic myself, it's hard to refuse.  She includes me in some of her wonderful imaginary adventures with her stuffed animals.  She's been fairly accepting of her little brother's increased need for attention with only a few major protests.  As a special treat for her, I have promised a date to make green cookies on St. Patrick's Day. 

I have gotten to do a little playing.  I used the embroidering part of my new machine for the first time.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought.  It was easy enough that ideas of future  projects dance in my head.  Sister Blessing was attending a firefighter birthday party for one of her little friends and provided me with a wonderful excuse opportunity to try out my machine.  So I created a fire chief shirt complete with a personalized badge.

I need to go get some more embroidery thread so I can play some more.  It was way too much fun to do!  I want to do some Easter Egg Hunt bags for the kiddos.  And it would be fun to put their names on them.

I also have an idea for a project/blog post.  With Brother Blessing's increased mobility, he is exploring our house with gusto. Add to this his penchant for pulling up on various objects after reaching his destination, I feel the need to do something to protect him from the hearth.  Or at least try to prevent an ER trip in my near future.  The boy has more curiosity than fear which I'm sure will send us to the ER at some point, but I would rather postpone it if I can.  So I found this idea:  

I had thought about trying to do something similar when Sister Blessing was a baby, but didn't really sew much at that point.  So we just covered it with a heavy comforter.  But I don't think that will help much with Brother Blessing's determination to give me more gray hair.  I love the idea of using a crib bumper.  The other way I had seen/envisioned required a lot of cutting, measuring and sewing.  And probably more time than I have available right now.  My mom is coming to visit later this week and we are planning on working on my latest project.  So hopefully I will have a new post soon with my cool new baby proofing project.

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