Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Blessings

Wow.  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted.  I have been doing some sewing, but it’s all been for birthday presents and/or bartering with friends.  We are going full speed ahead through summer.  We had Brother Blessing’s one year birthday celebration.  Then we had two weeks of swimming lessons for Sister Blessing.  She also went to her first sleepover at our dear friends’ house – they live very close by and are like family.  

Then we only had a short break and we were off for a cross country trip to visit family in Arizona.  It was a verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy long, two-day drive there and back.  There really isn’t much to see other than dust devils and cacti in West Texas and New Mexico.  Sister Blessing was fascinated by the windmills and the fact that you could see Mexico when we were in El Paso.  Her understatement of the week:  “It is hot in the desert!”.    Can I get an amen?  I felt like I was roasting out there in the “dry heat”.  But we had a lot of fun with family and were sad to leave.  Best souvenir:  Brother Blessing started taking his first real steps.  He will walk as many as five steps at a time before he decides crawling is just way faster right now.  Though he walks around pushing his little lawn mower with one hand...go figure.  I guess he thinks the lawn mower is holding him up.

Then we were barely home and celebrated Fourth of July with some close friends.  And then prepared to leave again…well, at least some of us…Chief Blessing had to stay at home to work.  The little blessings and I have been spending some time in Grandma and Grandpa Land.  Brother Blessing is testing his mischief making abilities in the larger and much more interesting surroundings.  Sister Blessing is loving all the extra attention and fun things to do.  And the fact that Mommy tends to relax some of the normal rules while we are here.   The re-programming plan will commence shortly after we arrive back home.  ;)

Then we are only home about week before we have VBS at our church.  This is the first year that Sister Blessing gets to attend as an actual participant and not just in child care for the workers.  I don’t think she really understands what it is, but I know she is going to have a blast.

So that is our summer so far in a nutshell.  All the activities and Brother Blessing’s increasing mobility have put a severe cramp in my spare time.  (Spare time – what’s that? Ha!)  So when given a choice between spending that time sewing/crafting or blogging....Well, since it’s been almost two months since I posted on my blog, I guess we know which one is a higher priority.  I have some projects in the works I would like to blog about and would also like to share some pictures of what I have done this summer.  But that will have to wait until another day.  We may be in Grandma and Grandpa Land, but Brother Blessing only wants Mommy if he wakes up at 5am.  And my sleep has been greatly affected by the fact that Chief Blessing isn’t here with us.  :(   So I will try to be good and get to bed before midnight…Now if I can just turn brain off and actually sleep…..

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