Sunday, January 9, 2011

A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.

Well, I was actually able to do some sewing today…but I didn’t get to use my new machine. L  I needed to finish a birthday present and didn’t have the time to figure out my new machine.  It’s killing me to not use it yet, but I must wait…
I’m trying to exhibit one of the qualities of the Fruit of the Spirit.  No, I don’t mean the grape, I mean patience.  I did a quick internet search on quotes about patience and came across the title of this blog.  It made me laugh out loud or LOL in text speak.  I don’t know, some days I feel short on both patience and brains…that would be a tough call deciding on which one was worth more.  But I digress…
We are having Sister Blessing’s belated birthday party (a month late -*oops*) next week.  I have way too much to do to spend time playing with my new toy.  You know, like cleaning the house, getting a cake, cleaning the house, get the food, cleaning the house, finish last minute details.  See a theme? I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but I’ve really struggled since Brother Blessing was born.  So my house is nowhere near company ready much less ready to host a bunch of preschoolers and their parents.
The other reason I must be patient is that I do all my sewing on the dining room table.  We need the table for the party…So it makes more sense to wait until after the party to even pull it out…but it is so hard to wait…especially since we may have an unexpected day at home tomorrow due to weather where Chief Blessing might be home to distract the kiddos for me.
So, back to today’s project – I made a cute present for one of Sister Blessing’s friends.  I will post a picture of it later, but want the finished product to be a surprise and I don’t know if his mother reads my blog or not.  I like how it turned out and think I want to try to offer it as an option in the store later.  But while I was working on it, I kept thinking about how much cooler it would have turned out with the embroidery from my new machine. And I could have used some of the cool new stitches, and…ACK! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! IMPATIENT MOMENT INCOMING! DANGER!
Sorry about that…was getting lost in dreaming about what I will be able to do with my awesome, incredible Christmas gift.  Anyway, the present turned out pretty cool even if I do say so myself.  Then I realized I didn’t have a gift bag or wrapping paper.  I thought I did, but I only have baby shower or Christmas bags.  I don’t think a preschooler would appreciate that.  And since we have had some unexpected snow and possible ice tonight, I don’t know that I will be able to go get anything.  So I improvised.  Since I don’t want to post a picture of the actual gift, I will share what I did to wrap it.  This is what I came up with (with a little creative photo editing to hide the names on the tag):
I think it’s cute.  In fact, I may use the idea for packaging if I sell these in the store.  Of course, that’s assuming my blessings will ever cooperate long enough for me to get the store going.  J
Okay, now it’s time to go to bed.  My few remaining brain cells are exhausted.  And lately Brother Blessing has had some really inconvenient wake up calls.  Maybe I’ll dream about fruit or bushels of brains or  a housecleaning fairy!

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